Monday, March 24, 2014

A Southern Sojourn # 8

So that was Queenstown/Frankton.

Time to move on and spread our money about other climes. Manapouri: here we come.

We stopped for coffee at Five Rivers, where there was no sign of any rivers, let alone 5 of them. But there were lamas and miniature ponies!

Just outside Manapouri, there is a small wilderness reserve; an attempt to preserve original vegetation in the face of the relentless march of European pasture grasses and pine trees.

With the mountains behind Lake Manapouri on one side, and the Takatimus on the other - impressive backgrounds both

Up close the native vegetation was just lovely

And somewhere in the middle of the upper branches of these trees was a small bird with a very distinctive song. I just had trouble getting close enough to get a clear picture of it!

Manapouri itself - what can you say? Impressive, moody, pristine, glorious, glowering, daunting, oppressive, striking - Yes, all of them. Often in quick succession.

Ice on the tops?! It's still early January! Our summer! Brrrrr! Yes, the weather was 'variable'

But that variability produces absolutley stunning vistas!

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