Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hokio Sands

We recently had a family expedition to Hokio Beach.

We have owned a property near the beach for some years and used to use it as a weekend bach or crib when the girls were younger, but that became something of a chore, so for the past however many years it has been rented out.

Now, however, the girls seem interested in considering using it for that purpose again.

So we went to have a look at it, and re-acquaint ourselves with the area, although the weather wasn't at it's best. And that meant the Beach, and the sand-dunes.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Starting young

None of our daughters showed much interest when they were younger in learning to drive, which is OK.

We didn't try to force, figuring there would come a time when they felt the need. After all, one of their grandmothers only learnt after she retired, and I taught her!

Recently, however, both Sarah Rose & Jayne have expressed an interest in learning, so lessons have begun, and are progressing very well.

And then, I discovered these little gems - our Sarah WAS interested in driving when younger:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tales from the Trunk # 10

Coming of Age in Wartime

I have been lucky enough to have been given access to a number of artefacts belonging to a cousin dating from World War 2.

Ronald James Mulligan was one of 2 sons of George Henry Mulligan, my grandfather's younger brother. George served in World War 1, from May 1916 for 3 years & 1 month.

25 years after he returned home, his eldest son enlisted in the NZ Airforce to serve his country during World War 2.

Ron kept a diary through 1944 and 1945, albeit sporadically. In it, he has entries for his two birthdays on 11 July, 1944 and again in 1945.

The 1944 entry reads: "Birthday! 20 years old today. Caught the afternoon train to Calgary [at the time he was a trainee pilot in Canada] and went to the evening show at the Stampede. [Long?] show most of it - very good. 200 Capstan from the Dept today Good show!"

The 1945 entry is succinct: "Birthday!! Small party in the mess"

Ron was the same as his father had been at enlistment - just 20 when beginning his military service. There is something terribly sad about both entries; they hint at a degree of isolation for one so young; and recall the terrible waste of lives not yet lived by war on this scale.

Both George and Ron were fortunate to return from their wars, and both lived long and worthwhile lives.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

365 in 2015 - January

An experiment to see if I am disciplined enough to take at least one photo every day of the year. So far, not quite! But I'm working on it.

1 January 2015
2 January 2015
3 January 2015
4 January 2015
5 January 2015
6 January 2015
7 January 2015
8 January 2015 - Someone in their spirit of Xmas mood
9 January 2015 - Attending a funeral: Looks like a mourner to me!
10 January 2015 - Tamarillos in the backyard
11 January 2015 - Guarding the garden
12 January 2015
13 January 2015 - Essential supplies for busy staff
14 January 2015 - All hands to the phones
15 January 2015
16 January 2015
17 January 2015 - Just stopped for a chat
18 January 2015 - Monarch butterfly caterpillars
19 January 2015 - Patterns on the beach
20 January 2015 - New game - helping Bryan make the bed
21 January 2015 - Dinner & Quiz Night at the Foggy Dew
22 January 2015 - Hot weather means cold beer
23 January 2015 - Explaining what we're about to colleagues
24 January 2015 - Egg Beaters at Botanic Gardens
25 January 2015 - The latest in Police patrol-cars
26 January 2015 - Sharing a meal
27 January 2015 - Water droplet reflecting the photographer
28 January 2015 - Sheltering from the sun
29 January 2015 - Guardians of the Gate
30 January 2015 - The Gamblers await
31 January 2015 - WWII flying records of RJ Mulligan