Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Fashionista

Wednesday 27 August was a high point in Jayne's year - the first-ever Fashion Show at HVHS. All classes at Years 11, 12 & 13 had their creations on display. There was a band, music, lights, and of course a runway (courtesy of TVNZ) - all in all, a pretty close approximation of 'real thing'.

Jayne's creation is shown below:

And when all the creations had been shown to the audience, the creators had their moment in the limelight, accompanying their model.

In addition to an award winner for each year-group, there was also a 'highly commended' award, and a Supreme Award winner, won by Georgia, a friend of Jayne's (and one of the pre-Ball friends)

And then there was one

Monday 25 August: 1830. Charlotte is due to leave Wellington for Hong Kong, en route to London, where she will meet up with Sarah & Craig.

They will 'show her around' for about a month, until they return to NZ, as part of a complicated process of applying for a 5-year Visa.

Charlotte's plan is to be in Europe for a couple of years; initially in London & the UK, but after that - who knows?

And once she has gone, that will leave only Jayne at home looking after Mum & Dad. Mind you: only for a month, until Sarah & Craig come back.

Flight delays due to fog mean the farewell is drawn out for several hours. As it is at an airport, there is nothing to do except - hang about!