Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What a difference ...

... a few days can make!

Saturday last we were on the road to Rotorua for a few days during the school holidays.

Driving conditions were good, but we had been warned that there was snow on the Desert Road - in October! And the warnings were right. There was snow to low levels, first encountered just south of Waiouru, and lying in the carpark of the Army Museum in Waiouru itself.

The Desert Road itself was open and clear, although we could see snow falling lightly as we drove certain stretches.

And then I drove back home on Tuesday, in brilliantly clear weather - fine, sunny, and warm. The mountains were well covered, and the tops of the Kaimanawas had a light coating, but the roadside country was completely clear - such a contrast!

The road just south of Waiouru
In the carpark behind the Army Museum, Waiouru
On the Desert Road, north of Waiouru, heading for the Summit of the Road
State Highway 1 now bypasses Taupo town-centre. Heading south, one sweeps around a corner, and there, rearing out of the road in front of you, are the mountains, and they seem to loom larger as you move towards them.
Some, however, are oblivious to the magnificence of the panorama, and are simply focussed on enjoying their pastime!
(There is a motorcyclist just right of centre about to disappear from view)