Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Twas Christmas Night ...

Well , actually Christmas Day; and then Boxing Day.

Christmas time is always special for our family.

Although we see each other often - usually at family dinners on a Sunday evening - Christmas is that and more.

More because it usually spreads over much of the day, and often into Boxing Day as well. This year we were joined by Gareth's sister & brother-in-law Ian, visiting from Perth. But we were missing Sarah & Craig, who spent the day with Craig's family in Auckland. They joined us on Boxing Day, along with Kirsten, Adrian & the kids, and Freda, and an 'orphaned' friend from work (not really orphaned - just on his own because his wife was visiting her mother in California).

It has, of course, the usual gift-giving element, which adds a special element to the day. And a Xmas Tree, and sundry decorations, lights, crackers, glorious food and drink.

The weather is often 'moderate' in the Hutt Valley at Christmas, but this year we 'cooked' in 31 degrees Celsius - very unusual! Boxing Day was a little different as a Southerly change dropped temperatures and cloud hid the sun, but that didn't stop the barbecue!

There are, of course, a range of photos.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis the season ...

Christmas is the time of year when people do 'silly' things - well, some of us do!

Gareth had a DJ session at The Southern Cross Hotel recently. So Desiree & I decided to go along, and meet Charlotte, Bethan & Ian for a drink.


What we hadn't counted on was that the outside tables had giant Jenga sets. So of course we had a couple of games.