Saturday, September 20, 2008

I know it's spring, but ...

It must be the season for odd sightings, as this past week has revealed some odd things about town!

I mean, surely there are better things to do at lunchtime, than hang around the sides of buildings?

Or maybe they were working? Hint - look at the fellow in the Hi-Vis jacket on the ground. Question: How many men does it take to dismantle scaffolding?

And there have been unusual visitors in town.

But reassuringly, somethings are as usual, and as you would expect. The Kowhai is in flower, so a Tui is visiting the backyard.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spring (at last)

It has been a long wet winter, but Spring has finally decided to settle in. Although it started a fortnight ago, today I can believe it is really serious!
The trees in the garden are starting to blossom - the flowering cherry at the back, the stellatar magnolia, and the flowering cherry beside the deck are all either in bloom or about to bloom.

And that being so, it seemed sensible to fire up the barbecue and see if there was gas in the bottle still. So we did, and there was. And that was dinner on Sunday.

It also seemed sensible, as the weather improved, to let Charlotte see what has become of her bedroom now that she vacated it and removed herself to the other side of the world. It has become a small "parlour", notably tidier than Charlotte felt comfortable in.

And then, by way of a final update, we have been telling Charlotte that her cat, Peaches, is missing her. Peaches has also begun to find her way onto our bed each day, even when the bedding has been removed for washing!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Star is captured

Jayne in Limbo
Well, not ACTUALLY a star - but nearly. And nor literally 'captured'.

Is that confusing? Probably.

Actually, what I mean is that I have been able to 'grab' or capture one of the frames showing Jayne from the trailer for Limbo.

Limbo? Isn't that a dance? No. In fact it is a feature-length film made by staff and students from Hutt Valley High School, starring, as you may have guessed, our Jayne.

This is the picture:

There is a Trailer available as well:

Hitting the Headlines

The Hutt News ran a story this week on Jayne's film Limbo:

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Peachy pet who's a bit confused

When the sun comes out Peaches makes the most of it - especially in winter! But when things aren't so nice outside (like today), she settles for gazing about her and wondering why Bryan keeps pointing a clicking black box at her!