Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where to start?

It's been a busy few weeks, with a lot happening, although that's no excuse for my failure to update! And if it seems as though our lives are dominated by Jayne's comings and goings, that's probably because just recently, they have been!

The Play's the thing!

The HVHS drama group staged their major production for the year - Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill. According to Wikipedia, "The play examines gender and power relationships through the lens of 17th century witchcraft trials in England." It tackles serious issues and was a serious production enlivened by some fine acting and fine, live' music performed by students.

Fashion Show

Next on Jayne's busy schedule was the annual Fashion Show, in which she had two entries - one a black dress designed and made for a 'client', and the other a 'wearable art' creation. I managed to get a lot of photos for the school, but few good one's of Jayne's two creations.

But Sarah-Rose did!

'The Ball'

The fashion show was quickly followed by the annual HVHS Ball. This year the 'gathering of the gals', accompanied by makeup, giggling, noise and tension, was at Charlotte's.


Loaded Premiere

As if all that wasn't enough to fill a schedule, we also accompanied Jayne to the world premiere of 'Loaded', the latest product from Overnight Films aka Drama students at HVHS. A more ambitious effort, compared with last year's Limbo, with a bigger cast, wider range of locations, more sub-plots, and a very teenage focus on the diificulties of navigating the teenage years. A major difference this year was the involvement of Jayne and a couple of other students in the writing - a big step up.

A couple of friends from work also went to the premiere, and one wrote the following for the weekly internal staff e-Newsletter:
"All of us at NZQA have a claim to fame! We are colleagues of Bryan Mulligan who is the father of actress Jayne Mulligan who is cast as Cassie in Hutt Valley High School’s latest production, ‘Loaded’.

The schools production team, Overnight Production Films, produced Limbo last year, which I also went to see. I found both films to be very unique, being produced by secondary school students, removing any clich├ęd story line and predictability and adding a sense of purity.

The young student actors performed naturally and typical "Kiwi school kid humour" made watching most enjoyable. Loaded was cleverly filmed and even tricks the viewer in one scene… you’ll have to see it to believe it, and I won’t ruin it for you!

If you’ve forgotten what it was like to be school kid or if you dare to reminisce back to those days, I would highly recommend you see this film. Full credit to the students who put it all together."

So there! It's not just because I'm biased that I thought the film was great!

Dom's diamond jubilee

Desiree's cousin Sister Dominica Knox, is now 84, and recently celebrated the diamond jubilee of her 'profession'. In other words it is 60 years since she became a nun. We went to a celebratory Mass in her honour, at which was read a message from 'The Pope'. And then a nice bit of 'light refreshment' in the refectory.

Dom had taken a tumble a few days earlier and so looked a little battered and bruised, but she is doing OK.

Jayne's 18!

And 'Baby Jayne' is a baby no more. Today she turned 18.

The Iceberg

I have commented before on strange goings-on in Wellington Harbour. The latest puzzler was the appearance of an iceberg! I know it's winter, but it's not been that cold!

Turns out it was a piece of provocative installation art made by Weta Workshops for a group of artists wanting to make a statement about climate change.

Most of the people I work with had less serious-minded comments to make, and did things like super-impose pictures of penguins and polar bears on it.

And then, of course, it was removed. Which prompted debate about how one disposes of a fake iceberg. My colleagues came up with various suggestions:
"Get friends around for party then later in evening set the iceberg alight - biggest baked Alaska EVER!" "Include it as a stage prop for Vanilla Ice's next comeback tour!" "Use it to make a shrimp cocktail, along with the colossal squid from Te Papa (no-one will know the difference will they?)" "Call the press with your ice breaking news and offer your story for sale..." "I recommend that the iceberg be transported to the Beehive (it should slide quite well), where it can serve a useful function, to counteract the major local contributor to global warming." "Auction it on Trade Me, and give the money to Greenpeace."