Friday, March 21, 2014

A Southern Sojourn # 7

One of the highlights of our week in Frankton was to travel through the Kawarau Gorge, from Frankton to Cromwell. The Gorge is impressive, hemmed in by towering ranges, and home to the remnants of a few gold-miner's caves.

The river drains Lake Wakatipu just outside Frankton

It's hard to imagine what it must have been like mining for gold in the icy waters of the Kawarau River in cold, southern winters in the 1860s. But hunt the precious colour they did, often living in caves just feet above the raging waters.

And there is a small power station in the middle of the Gorge, called, appropriately enough, 'Roaring Meg'!

Now there are a number of wineries and vineyards, including this one owned by Sam Neill

On the way south from Frankton, there is new urban development

with an intriguing name!

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