Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Southern Sojourn #2

While in Queenstown, we stayed at 808 Frankton Road - Railways Welfare accommodation. That's it on the other side of the Lake, just above the blue Parking sign:

It had some nice plantings in the grounds:

It is within walking distance of the airport and the Frankton shopping centre, with it's supermarket.

And at the front gate was a bus stop for the frequent and cheap bus service between Frankton Mall and Queenstown - a service we used several times.

And has brilliant views of the Remarkables. More of that later.

But look again at that first photo. That complex on the left of the photo we first thought was an Hotel or a resort complex. In fact it is the Remakarbles Primary School. And it is VERY flash looking:

And what a view!

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