Friday, April 18, 2014

A Southern Sojourn # 12

We had a number of reasons for our trip south - both a holiday and family history research were on the list.

In Manapouri, I was keen to have a look at any 'records' the Murrells might be willing to share, and to photograph some of their collection of paintings and photographs.

So, here are some of them:

Mussell Cove, Long Sound, Preservation Inlet by Peter Beadle
Beech Bush, Cascade Creek by Moore
Crooked Arm, Doubtful Sound
Lake Manapouri, with Hunter Mts in the background

Jack Murrell

And there were other delights, such as the photographs and trophies in the Guest House itself:

This fellow watches over one of the corridors!
Another fine specimen keeping watch sightlessly
An early view of the Guest House
A party in the Wilmot Pass
Apparently the Accommodation House at Lake Manapouri
Robert Murrell - Young Bob
Margaret Murrell with three of her sons - possibly Graham, Leslie & Burton
A young Leslie Murrell Burton & Alice Murrell & their children
Young Burton & Jack Murrell
Alice & Burton Murrell
The dining room fireplace, Grandview Guest House
Kitchen scales in front of the kitchen window, Grand View Guest House

And there were a couple of real treasures which Jack & Klaske were willing to share with me:

A file-box of recipe cards put together by Margaret Murrell, capturing a selection of Guest House 'standards' (more of them another day)
Manapouri Post Office record book, 1896, which was kept by the Murrells and tracked all of the letter & parcel deliveries by Post during the period!
And a delightful scrapbook of ephemera and memorabilia kept by the (first) Margaret Murrell
These are a collection of lace samples

This is how scrapbooking was done originally!

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