Monday, April 29, 2013

A few days in Sydney

We've just had a few days on holiday in Sydney, ostensibly to visit an exhibition about Alexander The Great.

Really, it was just an excuse for a few days away and a change of routine.

We stayed in an inner-city hotel on Park Street between Castlereagh and Pitt streets. That means we were a stone's throw away from Hyde Park and from there The Domain.

Between Hyde Park and The Domain is College Street, on which is St Mary's Cathedral. A very impressive Catholic Cathedral.

To give a sense of perspective, the building in which our hotel was located was 45 storeys high. Our room was on the 14th floor, from where I took the two photos of Park Street above. And at the top was a swimming pool (!) and the guest laundry. We went up to have a look, you can see the view was very impressive, although I was decidedly uncomfortable taking the photos!

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