Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another step towards unreality for the Catholic Church

Already deep in denial over the abuse of children by undetermined numbers of it's clergy foot-soldiers, the Catholic Church continues it relentless march towards unreality.

It is now apparently embracing the 'virtual world' and the 21st century by giving it's approval to a new iPhone app - "Confession: A Roman Catholic App".

It is apparently "designed to help users understand their earthly sins and offers a personal conscience profile based on their age, sex, job and marital status."

It is "aimed at those who've not confessed to a priest in a while and hopes to prepare them to once again enter the box again."

According to this article, The Church's approval is part of the Pope's drive for Catholics to "make good use of their presence in the digital world" and to help people "make a good confession."

No reference there to changing and improving their behaviour! Just to 'make a better confession'!

The app allows users to choose from a list of sins or to add their own, and to choose from 7 different acts of contrition.

Imagine it: 'Think I'll just make a quick confession while I sit on the bus on my way work. Now, what sin will I choose this time - gluttony?, adultery? Too heavy. I know, impure thoughts covers a multitude of things. That'll do this time.'

And you begin to wonder if the efficiency experts will now begin to argue that the efficiency gains from the app means not so many priests will be needed, or that they need to spend less time cramped into those little boxes waiting for the witless and gullible.

And how long before someone in the Church realises that the phones can provide vast amounts of information - not only GPS tracking but access to text message records.

'Your phone rings. "Hello, this is Martin." "Hello Martin, this is your virtual priest, Father Watcher. I see you have been making lewd suggestion by text to your girlfriend. I think it is time you made another confession, don't you? After this call, just turn on the 'Confession' app. It'll only take a moment you know, and you'll feel much better for it."

Yeah, right!

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