Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the eye of the storm?

New Zealand has been battered recently by wild weather, with typical Spring changability reaching to turbulence.
We've had wind damage in Auckland, flooding in Manawatu and in the Hutt Valley, snowfalls in Southland crippling buildings, and killing spring lambs, and even a tornado in Taranaki.
But we have escaped almost unscathed.
Yes we've had plenty of rain, and we've had windy days. But the Cherry trees are still clothed in blossom, although today we woke to a small lake in the back yeard. This is not uncommon, given the slope of the yard, but this is the first time this year as far I can remember.


And the clear sunny day belied the fact it was also cold, cold enough, in fact, for snow down to 400 metres, and surprisingly large deposits visible on the ranges visible from the office.


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