Saturday, September 11, 2010

Electing these people?

It's Local Body Election season again.
Which means campaigning is underway again.
Which means hoardings beside major roads and on fences, and leaflets in the letterbox.
But, it also means a period of amusement for me, as I examine the foibles and follies of those offering themselves to be my 'representative'.
For example, David Bassett has impressive billboards with a picture of himself in a 'benevolent strongman' pose:

Impressive, yes?

But, just a minute - it seems very familiar!


Seems he was on the same mission in 2007! Don't believe it's the same picture? Perhaps he only has one tie?

But Bassett isn't the only one who has hoardings that amuse me.

These were Chris Milne's hoardings in 2007:


In 2010 they have lost the "Hitler-look-alike" photo, ditched the ACT Party yellow and morphed into:


What's with the hand Chris? It looks like you're begging!

John Terris is a former Mayor of Lower Hutt, and is again standing for a Trust with money to distribute to local worthy causes


but when I first noticed this, I thought it had holes in it, and then I wondered what John was saying - that he wants the area to be 'waterside'? Or that he is dedicated to helping small sailing or yatch clubs? Your guess is as good as mine!

And then just as you begin to wonder about the electorate these people wish to represent, you stumble across some glimmers of political debate:

(you might need to click on the photo to see the larger version, however)

But even then one wonders at the mentality of those participating in this 'debate':


Ah well, there's always the homely, amateurish, DIY-er:


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