Sunday, August 30, 2015

Turning 24

Our Jayne turned 24 recently. So we had a family get together - well, almost! we also marked another milestone as well.

So it wasn't just about Jayne.

Charlotte also had a birthday recently (actually back in June!) but she had been wandering Europe at the time so we couldn't mark it with a gathering.

And sarah-Rose & Pip are in London, so attending a family get together is problematic for them.

But we did what we could - even arranged lovely weather! Hired a bach at Hokio Beach. Laid in supplies. Co-ordinated menus. Travelled in convoy.

And had a really nice weekend with some wandering on the beach thrown in for good measure!

An, No, I didn't write on the cake! (Although it is spidery enough to be my writing!)

We were missing somebody/somebodies.

You meet all sorts on the streets of Hokio, nowadays

...including Baaby, the pet lamb who was being taken for a walk

But wait - there's more! (photos, that is)

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