Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shaken and stirred

It's been a moving few days.

We've experienced a cluster of sizable earthquakes over the last few days. It started on Friday morning with a shake rated "severe", then further minor shakes throughout Saturday into Sunday. Then another large one, rating 6.9 early Sunday evening.

This one produced widespread but minor damage throughout Wellington.

Consequently, all local train services have been cancelled, so my daily travel to work is disrupted. And the building I work in is closed for a safety inspection.

Unusually, we had visible effects of the Sunday evening shake:

Note that this was hardly "damage" in the sense that nothing was broken or disassembled, merely temporarily re-arranged. That's the first time I can recall an earthquake shifting anything at home.

But I'd have to say I'm a little worried about the extent of the effects in central Wellington, as that's where the kids all live and work.

But, apart from that minor inconvenience, everything else is fine - even the pets appear to be OK, although Peaches does take off outside in sizable shakes!

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