Monday, March 12, 2012

The Heart of the Matter (2)

Well, that was helpful!

I had an appointment with the specialist the other day. He had taken some time to confer with colleagues over my 'condition' because, in his words, it is fairly unusual.

So the appointment was an opportunity for him to layout clearly the options I face, along with the risks and benefits. What he was cautious about doing was to make a specific recommendation beyond: You need to do something.

Seems my reading of the options was accurate: stents or bypass.

He has said it is up to me to decide, although when pushed, he said he would recommend angioplasty, but would be quite happy if I opted for the bypass surgery.

So there it is: I now have a couple of other factors to include in the calculation (risk levels, recovery period) along with simple, uncomplicated fear.

Hmmm - what's that Eddie Izzard routine about cake?

Oh well, I'll think on't for a couple of days, talk to a few people, before I commit to one or the other.

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