Friday, February 24, 2012

A little corner of Melbourne that is forever China!

While in Melbourne, we stayed in the Quest Gordon Place in Little Bourke St - at the top of China Town!

The complex itself was interesting; apparently it is a "National Trust listed property" and was built in 1884-5 as a new 'model' accommodation complex for single working-class men. It has a central atrium with a swimming pool, another covered atrium in which there are seats and an enormous palm tree. As the marketing says, it is a very quiet, restful location within easy walking distance of the heart of the city, and a stone's throw from the free tram route.

Little Bourke Street is Melbourne's Chinatown. We managed to find places we had visited in 2001:

And, aside from the dramatic change to the landscape at dusk on Saturday evening, the other intriguing element were some of the signs along the lanes; how to describe them? Aphoristic? Enignmatic? Inscrutable? Oblique? Mysterious? Confounding? Zen-like? Epigrammatic? Who knows, but they did puzzle us!
You cannot step twice into the same river We listen to it and do not hear it
Blunt the sharpness; untangle the knot The softest overcomes the hardest


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