Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rotorua in the sun

Our Xmas holidays ended with afew days in Rotorua. Why there? Because we got a Welfare Trust unit for a week.

It is a nice location - Holden's Bay, although the day can be disturbed by planes taking off and landing at the airport!

The property is split by a small stream, which is now surrounded by a nice little garden

And we were much intrigued by this little statue just across the main road. Turns out is a memorial to a stray dog who used to enjoy visitors, but preferred to live wild in the small reserve beside the main road - and did so for a number of years!

I was very taken this visit by the Government Buildings. I hadn't previously realised just how ornate and detailed they are; I was surprised by the number of small 'turrets' above the walkways and about the roof:

The cafe was being used by a wedding party, and of course the building provided a backdrop for a round of photos.

In front of the complex are lovely garden and bowling greens, carefully groomed and tended:

while nearby is an impressive bronze sculpture depicting a Maori male and female.

The buildings house the Rotorua Museum of Art and History. The whole complex is a little incongruous in it's utter Englishness, as it sits amidst geothermal activity and an area rich in Maori history and identity!

But the buildings, beautifully tended gardens, fountains, sculpture, and the nearby Polynesian Spa make it an irresistable attraction.

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