Saturday, December 17, 2011

Now the election is over ...

The farcical moment: Keys and Banks holding a 'media event' to show the voters how they should vote, then trying to convince everyone that their conversation was 'private' and they hadn't noticed the unusual black bag on the table beside them!

The Oh, dear! What a bugger! moment. The ACT Party's irrelevance is confirmed - down to just one MP, and he's unlikely to remain independent of National for the whole of the term.

The Damn! moment: Winston Peters persuades 8% of voters to cast a vote in his favour, bringing with him 7 clowns pretending to be MPs.

The 'Will we have to put up with this for 3 more years?' moment: Winston Peters back to his obnoxious, ranting best.

The biggest relief: We don't have to listen to either Hide or Brash again.

The wisdom of the crowd moment: Key & his Tories win just 48% of the vote, despite being streets ahead in the polls throughout the entire term of the last Parliament. They may the biggest single party in the House, but they are a long way from having a "mandate" from the electorate for radical or unpopular change.

The 'There is hope after all' moment: The Greens win a record proportion of the vote and number of MPs.

Thank heavens my vote wasn't wasted moment: Lower Hutt's Holly Walker makes it into Parliament as a Green List MP.

The worst outcome: Sarah Rose loses her job in Parliament - at least until someone else has the good sense to employ her.

The most boring ad campaign: The Tories with their plethora of billboards despoiling the countryside with Key's smug smirk beaming at you at every turn.

The most brave ad campaign: Labour's decision to focus on policies and relegate Goff to a minor role only.

The stark contrast: National vs Labour billboards: smug smirk versus heartfelt emotion

The saddest change: The Greens go mainstream and lose their radical edge. Let's hope they still make an impact.

The most irreverent campaign feature: the phantom graffito in Auckland: Mo-Town and the Battle of the Babes in Central Auckland

The funniest commentary on an otherwise lacklustre campaign: These pictures were sent to me, and are terrific:

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