Monday, October 3, 2011

Re-treading failed views of education

You would think they would know better by now!

I mean, how can someone claim to be "disappointed that @PPTAWeb are so afraid of backing up their assertions over School Choice that they refuse to debate @Steve_Whttngton"

That is one of the spurious tricks used repeatedly by the Right in their puerile efforts to discredit those who disagree with them. This assertion is made with no evidence that PPTA is "afraid of backing up their assertions". Why should they be "afraid"? Of what, for heavens sake?

Ask yourself this: why should PPTA give a fringe player in a fringe party on the ranters' right of NZ politics a platform to air his half-baked ideas?

As PPTA says: Their views are already in the public domain and well-known.

ACT's views are likewise already well-known, and have been consistently rejected by 90-95% of the electorate in every election since 1987. However, ACT candidates are either slow-learners (they still haven't got the message after 7 elections) or are so divorced from reality and messianic they want to impose their views on everyone else.

I say: good on PPTA. Polls tell us almost no-one* else is listening to ACT, so focus your efforts on the slash-and-burn Tory/Tolley government.

* OK, so 2% isn't "no-one" but it is within the 'margin of error' - and the pun IS intentional!

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Sarah-Rose said...

Really? Dad? How pathetically passive aggressive. That's it. I'm done with this blog & disappointed with you.
Not surprised though.