Friday, December 10, 2010

Wildlife in the Wilderness!

I am often intrigued and fascinated by the animals to be observed in our backyard. We have 3 cats, and the neighbours have 2 (although 1 appears to have disappeared), there are various other cats in the area, and we have a resident hedgehog.

It helps that we always have bread left over which we put out on the lawn. The birds therefore in our area are thriving. And that includes the fledglings from nearby nests, and pigeons who occasionally drop by.

And of course our cats are not only good fun, they are also very photogenic!

They provide entertainment, as Charlotte demonstrated recently with 'her' cat Peaches. Although, it must be said, that Peaches didn't seem overly keen on playing too vigorously, but she did pose, as only Peaches can do, and keep an eye on Craig as he cooked dinner!

And once in a while they get really daring, and inquisitive, and come onto the deck to explore and fossick in the leaf litter, which I very kindly leave lying about for them.

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