Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nanapouri - The point of the trip

I have previously written about a trip to the deep South last year. I spent time in Dunedin and then drove across the island to Manapouri.

Manapouri was the focus of the trip, because the plan was to return mother to where her heart always looked.

She died in April 2009, and her ashes are now interred in Karori Cemetery in Wellington. However, we hatched a plan to take some of her ashes back to Manapouri.

Co-ordinated by Barbara, With willing assistance from cousins in Manapouri, we settled on a date, and what was to happen, and all arranged to converge there in early November.

The weather was stunning and the planned event went very well. The only glitch was that the memory card in my camera was full, and I was unable to copying everything off onto the MacBook in time. Consequently, I had to arrange to get copies of photos from nephews Greg and Andrew. They have now turned up, so a selection of views, courtesy of Greg and Andrew:

The day was focussed on the Grandview Guesthouse - the ancestral family enterprise

The plan was to plant a tree and install a memorial on a boulder in a corner of the garden

So a hole was prepared for the Magnolia bought on our behalf by Robert

Do these two look like brother and sister?

Barbara had brought a small box of some of Mother's ashes

wwhich were then placed into the hole around the magnolia

Then there were some brief tributes paid by those present

The commemorative plaque

The ever lovely Kate

David, Jennie, Jack, with Margaret and Barbara in the background

Time for a more formal 'portrait' session, with Greg (in this case) and Andrew setting up the cameras

(back row, L to r)Ron, Kate, Robert, Barbara, Jennie, David
(front row, L to r)Margaret, Bryan, Jack, Klaska

(back row, L to r)Ron, Kate, Andrew, Greg, Robert, Barbara, Jennie, David
(front row, L to r)Celia, Margaret, Bryan, Jack, Klaska

Obscuring the veiw one gets from the verandah, near the hedge with the lake in the background
(L to r)Andrew, Kate, David, Ron, Jennie, Barbara, Margaret, Jack, Bryan, Robert, Celia, Greg

The three senior Mulligans

I'm not sure what Ron thought he was doing, but it was too good an image to leave it out!

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