Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stranger than most!

We find odd things around our garden and on the deck. 'Odd' in the sense of interesting or unusual or surprising.

A piece of garden sculpture the visibility of which comes and goes, as the garden grows

Monarch butterflies seem to enjoy visiting the Mulligans - can't think why, as we don't do much special for them!

Caterpillars appear on our swan plants and proceed to devastate them. This caterpillar is feasting on the second 'crop' of leaves on the plant this year.

The caterpillars sometimes wander off the plants and end up where one mightn't expect them.

The caterpillars wrap themselves into a chrysalis, a beautiful shade of green, with striking gold dots.

I discovered this cocoon on one of the deck chairs. I had always assumed they just wrapped themselves up in a spot, and then stayed there. But no! Not this one! Over the next hour or two it proceeded to move itself around the furniture, presumably looking for a good place to settle while it metamorphed. I don't know where it ended up, or what it became, unfortunately.

This chicken has yet to lay any eggs, but enjoys basking in the sun.

This chap just hangs around

While this fellow just lies about the pots.

This stick insect was annoyed when I cleaned the ivy off the wall of garage - camouflage removed!!

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