Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Lyrca, bile and vitriol

The rivalry between New Zealand's 2 main telephone networks is intense, but sometimes reaches absurd depths and can also produce a suitable public response.
Let me illustrate.
Telecom are desperately advertising a 'new' network, so they tell me. And have recruited (and probably paid some obscene amount to) Top Gear's Richard Hammond. Now don't get me wrong. I have no problem with Hammond earning lots of dosh; only with the gullibility of Telecom in thinking paying him a lot of money to mouth platitudes at me will persuade me to take up their new product. It won't, in case you hadn't figured that out yet.
So their advertising agency has figured out a few other wrinkles to get their message in front of people, some more desperate than others. These poor sad people trying to earn a living, and keep warm were seen cavorting around the streets of Wellington today:

But it wasn't only Telecom whose advertising back-fired on them. Vodafone earlier in the week spent a small fortune on full-page adverts in the metropolitan dailies advertising a "million dollar giveaway" - $1,000 to each of 1,000 customers.
Well, one of their customers, or maybe a former customer, or maybe a Telecom staffer or customer, decided this was bit rich, if you'll pardon the pun.
So s/he copied the advertisement onto A3 paper, annotated it, and then pasted it to a switch box on the corner of Brandon Street and Lambton Quay!

(Pssst - if you click the picture you can see a larger version, and actually read the annotations)

It isn't witty or humorous, but is nicely vitriolic.
Whoever the anonymous protester was/is, s/he isn't particularly clever (note the last line about paying for the "add").
A bit like Telecom and Vodafone, perhaps? After all, it pays not to piss off customers - especially with inane advertising stunts and gimmicks.

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