Friday, May 15, 2009

Keeping in touch with Charlotte

Charlotte let us know that one of her photos from Amsterdam has been selected for inclusion in an online guide to Amsterdam. It's a little difficult to track down because of the irritating frames and too-clever javascript mouseovers, but is a lovely picture of the roof and spire of The Old Church in Amsterdam.

And that took me to a collection of her photos, including some more lovely shots from a recent trip to Dublin, which I thought I might share - I'm sure Charlotte won't mind! She has a collection of photos online.

A plain wooden cross marks the sites of the excecutions at Kilmainham GaolA painting of the Virgin Mary in a cell at Kilmainham GaolCell at Kilmainham GaolDublin and the Liffey at nightLong Library at Trinity CollegeMolly Malone - Cockles and muscles alive, alive-oA balanced meal if ever I saw one The Guinness Store House - It's like Disney Land for alcoholics!Everyone's Irish On March 17thWater FeatureGuinness and Catholocism - Welcome to IrelandMagadlene Laundry - Memorial in St Stephens GreenSt Stephen's GreenRiver Liffey

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