Friday, September 4, 2009

Just coasting along

I finally got around to finishing a job I set myself earlier in the year, when Charlotte was home.

She had brought me a collection of English beer mats (or coasters, if you prefer!). My plan was to display them all in a picture frame.

As too often happens, good intentions took a back seat to more 'immediate' concerns, so the project was put on the back-burner, and there it stayed.

Until, ... just the other day. I was at home and had some time on my hands. I had a re-cycled frame, albeit with faded photo shaped outlined on the backing card. So a quick trip to the Stationery Warehouse equipped me with a sheet of plain paper and some fasteners.

So I spent a pleasant hour cutting the paper to size, fixing it to the backing card, and then arranging the mats onto it and attaching them. The final steps were to return the backing card to the frame, secure it, and then hang it.

See - it worked. Now, Charlotte, when next you're home, that pack was 1 of 4, so ...

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