Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chilling 'look-alikes'?

Or is just my imagination?
Two horrendous murders, one convicted killer, and one accused (double-) killer.
In one case, "Clayton Robert Weatherston set about killing and disfiguring Sophie Elliott "in a calm and collected manner", the Crown said as it opened the murder case against him in the High Court at Christchurch" ( He was eventually found guilty in a case which is still attracting coverage.
In Christchurch, Tisha Lowry disappeared 12 months ago; her body has now been recovered from beneath the house next-door to where she lived, along with that of the woman who lived in the house.
The man accused of both murders has been named as Jason Somerville.
What I find especially chilling about these cases is the appearance of Weatherston and Somerville. Now I'm the first to confess I have never been particularly good at spotting 'likenesses' between people. I am usually non-plussed when people claim to be able to see family resemblances after a quick glance at a photo, especially when it is of a child.
But: take a look at these:

Clayton WeatherstonJason Somerville
How spooky is that?
Apparently, "Dr Chaplow, New Zealand's director of mental health, said ... Weatherston was controlling and 'appeared to have an inflated sense of his own achievements'" (NZ Herald), and said "that one of the character traits of the narcissist is the propensity for 'narcissistic rage' when frustrated and/or humiliated."
So, my reaction when I saw Somerville's photo and the likeness to Weatherston, was that maybe all those theories about racial and character types having specific appearance characteristics were actually onto something? Maybe this is the facial 'type' of the narcissist? Maybe we will find that Somerville is also prone to 'narcissistic rages' which propelled him to kill two women.
Or maybe I'm seeing things which aren't really there.

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