Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Southern Sojourn # 16

In which we are in Dunedin.

Again this is a mainly family history visit - video interviews with cousin Margaret (of the Manapouri family) & Aunt Pearl - my mother's sister-in-law.

But we also visited the Hocken Library, where both found documents of interest and collections of photos relevant to us both.

The Portait Gallery in the Settlers Museum
Apparently the Edies don't qualify as 'settlers' (and the Clearwaters do!), ...
... so we're not too sure just who this 'Edie' is or how she fits in.
The Etrusco Restaurant has lovely ambience.
And so does The Craic in the Octagon
An exhibition in the foyer of the Hocken Library

And that was our Southern Sojourn! It was time to go home.

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