Monday, January 2, 2012

Birds outside the window

We had a flowering cherry growing just beside the deck. It was self-sown, and had been growing for a few a years now. In fact it had got to the stage it was a problem. It was so big it was causing shadowing on the deck and keeping the morning sun from the sun-room.

This was NOT the plan! Needless to say it is no more!

However, while it lasted it brought some delight. It brought a lovely splash of white when in bloom during Spring, and attracted birdlife.

One of the best places to watch the visiting birds was Jayne's room. And that's what she did in late September last year.

These are what we call Waxeyes, although they are more commonly called Silvereyes

And where there is nectar, there you'll find Tuis. So of course, one had to join in the feast!

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