Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tracing the Ho Chi Minh Trail

The culmination of 2 years fund-raising, planning, scheming and cajoling for Desiree was a two-week trip to Vietnam during the last school vacation.

A guide accompanied Desiree, 3 colleagues and a small group of senior students on a tour of Vietnam, dedicated to visiting sites from the War and experiencing a small taste of Vietnamese life and culture (oh, and a bit of shopping to lighten the mood!).

I haven't yet completed processing all of the photos (there were over 700 on her camera), but have made a start.

One of the things which surprised and delighted me was her ability to stay in touch with us and to keep us updated with their exploits.

She had taken her cell-phone, and bought a new SIM-card for it in Vietnam, and she bought a small 'point-and-click' camera. Consequently, we were sent almost daily, small photos and videos from her phone.

I tied these to the itinerary, and you can follow the trip in a new window/tab HERE.

The first batch of photos are organised into slideshows which are available in a new window/tab HERE.

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