Monday, January 17, 2011

A Nearly World Tour

It started like this: a neice, Kirsten, who lived with us for sometime while attending University, was in Northern Ireland. She was living and working in a 'cross-cultural' community in Antrim. She had however, been able to see something of the country, and had been in touch about the family history, and had made contact with relatives in Connemara.

And then she wrote to us that she was getting married to a local lad in August, 1995. So far, so un-surprising.

What we hadn't banked on was that she would issue a heartfelt plea for us to be at the wedding.

So what do you do? What we did. "Pack up the babies & grab the old ladies, & everyone go, to Mother Love's show."

And then when we came back we had LOTS of photos, including of the wedding, and a diary of the trip.

They just sat around home until the end of 2006, when I decided I needed to do something with them, as I do.

So I retrieved Sarah's pix, put them with mine, scanned them all, retrieved the digital version of my diary, and started a website. It took until early 2011 to finish, BUT I have.

It is now available, and the photos of the wedding are there as well.

Enjoy, even if you can't remember it!

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