Thursday, September 30, 2010

While out walking

I am supposed to walk for my health. And I do try to do so as regularly as possible - really, I do!

And sometimes I even enjoy it. Especially when I encounter things which take my attention.

Like, recently I was walking in High Street when I came across this window display:

Now, what intrigued me about this display was that I recognised the contents, especially:

When I checked I was right:

Turns out the shop was running a promotion using the World of Wearable Arts event, and had borrowed several designs from last year's fashion extravaganza at Hutt Valley High School, including our Jayne's!

The other day I started out in perfectly calm clear conditions, but there was a trail of mist still hovering over the river, and clinging to the western hills:

Just down the road from us is a Presbyterian church - nothing extraordinary in that. But in the grounds alongside it are two headstones or memorials:

They are not listed as sanctioned cemeteries on the Council's website, nor do they rate a mention on the church's website. But they are well maintained, and clearly commemorate the dead of a number of families. Touching , and re-assuring at the same time.

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