Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Evening On The Deck

One of the pleasures of my life is being able to sit outside on our deck of
an evening.

The day's work is done, dinner eaten, the weather is warm and dry, a breeze
gentle. The birds are busy getting ready to roost, colours are subduing. To
sit quietly with a beer or glass of wine and watch the birds, look at the garden
and enjoy the antics of the cats is my idea of a perfect way to finish a day.

Lucien from next door called by to see what was happening

Peaches wasn't too happy about her showing up

and chased her her away, making sure the place was hers again
The flax leaves make interestingly random patterns
Those ants get everywhere, even out on the leaves at the end of branches on the flowering cherry overhanging the deck
The moon was out early, and partially obscured at times by a thin covering of cloud