Friday, February 5, 2010

Wellington's Sevens Party

The city has been taken over this week and weekend by the annual Rugby Sevens' touring party. Although there is a serious competitive side to the event, most people seem to treat it as a party, characterised by serious drinking, noise, and (often) outrageous costumes.

It starts with a parade through central Wellington the day before the gamnes begin, and then shifts to the Stadium. Along the way the streets become littered with fans, players and support staff alike.

I try to avoid the worst of the excesses, but I did watch the parade and couldn't avoid sights on the way home on Friday. Stuff also has a few photos.

The Teams


The Loopeys

Wellington's Batucada samba band lead the parade and set the pace and the mood

A funny thing happened on the way to the stadium

The Cup they're all playing for

Legging it to the Stadium

This turkey shows up every year, leading the England squad

Fiji's advance guard

Fijian fans

Peter Pan and friends?

Holy cow!

First a drink, then, in a few minutes, back to the shopping

Not sure what these were/are, but they were hot in their costumes
And they enjoyed mugging for the cameras

Polynesian drummers with the Samoan team

The Scots' pipe band

Part of the South African contingent

How did these fellas get out?

Referees are an integral part of the show, sometimes even dwarfing the Stadium itself!

Beautiful tails or wings?

The Colonel is obviously a fan of the Sevens!

Are they painted? They were. And she was holding the bowl very firmly!

Handing out goodies to the crowd

Rocking out

I think he was trying to hitch a ride, although I'm not entirely sure!

Game day is here

Not sure this woman was interested in talking to whoever this is

This group was Irish and discussing which characters they were

Spectators queueing for the toilets at the Railway Station

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