Saturday, November 14, 2009

Manapouri on the edge

I have just had a week in the South Island, taking Mother back to her 'ancestral homeland', as it were. I was on my own for much of it, and spent a lot of time on family history 'business', in Dunedin, Manapouri, and Invercargill, and points in between. But more of that in later blogs.
This is just a quick note about 2 of the better or more interesting photos I have to share with the few people interested.
Manapouri is "man's country", and the local pub offers traditional fare:

but one wonders how vegetarians cope!
In the lounge of the Grand View Guest House at Manapouri, established and run by the Murrell family since the 1890s, is a mirror.
It was originally the 'security' mirror behind the bar of the Takitimu Hotel established by Robert Murrell, known as 'Old Bob', about 1871 at what became known as 'Bob's Corner'. The reflection is of the current proprietor of the Guest House, also Robert Murrell. This Robert is the 2nd great grandson of 'Old Bob' Robert Murrell - i.e. Old Bob's great-great-grandson.

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