Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Out

We have just treated ourselves to an overnight stay in Martinborough in the Wairarapa. The purpose of the trip was so that Desiree could interview Eileen Kelly for her oral history project. But in view of the circumstances, we thought it would be nice to have a brief breathing space to ourselves.
We were able to book into the Martinborough Hotel, which is normally beyond our range, but had a cheap room available.

Desiree was quite taken by the black-and-white decor, especially the pelmets over the curtains, which she is thinking about imitating for a window in our stairwell. The room was called Henry Bunny, after one of the local settlers. All the rooms had names of settlers, and the Hotel was decorated with 'antiques' - all in all, very nice.

The evening was spent in the bar, having dinner & chatting, after which we had an early night, only to find our room seemed to be above the kitchen. Fortunately, the noise wasn't too intrusive.
The trip was somewhat spoiled by the change in weather for the next day - a bitterly cold southerly blew through overnight and the morning was wall-to-wall rain. No wind, just very heavy cold rain. Oh well!
But we did manage to find Eileen in Carterton, and complete the interview, and we came away with in interesting collection of documents to copy, and an old record of the All Blacks in South Africa in 1960. I'm going to try to digitise it.

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